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Survey: Older people are better tippers

PHOENIX — When it comes to being generous tippers, older diners come out on top, according to a new survey.

The Harris Poll, conducted on behalf of Michelin, finds 18-34-year-olds are twice as likely to tip less than 15 percent for good service, compared to those 35 and older.

At Copper Star Coffee in Phoenix, baker and barista Corrin Bond isn’t buying the results. She finds older customers are more likely to toss the change in the tip jar, but during her time waiting tables, Bond found younger customers were more generous.

“There are a lot of young waitresses and they knew how it was and so they tipped a lot,” said Bond.

Bond said that people in the Northwest are better tippers than the Southwest, perhaps because “they’re younger and hipper.” The survey finds 27 percent of people in the West and 27 percent in the South admit to usually tipping 15 percent, while only 14 percent of people in the Northeast say they typically tip 15 percent. On average, the survey finds Americans tip 18 percent for good service, while people in the Northeast average 19 percent.

Despite the poll, Bond said you can’t generalize.

“There are some people who are usually more quiet and reserved and they’ll tip a lot,” she said. “There are some people who are really outspoken and engaged and like to talk a lot, and sometimes, they don’t tip.”