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Plan would make room for more bicyclists on Phoenix streets

PHOENIX — Leaders are close to approving a Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan that will make it safer and easier to bike in town.

The 20-year plan includes 385 potential projects to complete gaps along 37 corridors across Phoenix. Among the projects are lane striping, adding bike lanes and bike bridges.

The price tag is nearly $53 million.

According to a city report,there is no current funding source for the projects so they will make changes as funding allows.

The plan is laid out in three tiers: zero to five years, six to 10 years, and 11 to 20 years. The first tier called for 10 projects stretching from 56th Street to 15th Avenue.

On Tuesday, the city’s Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee will be asked to approve the plan and send it to the full council.