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Police: Viewers of online game reported Tempe break-in

PHOENIX — People watching a video feed of a woman playing an online
game called authorities to report seeing a home invasion taking place in the
woman’s apartment, police said Monday.

“From behind her, the doors gets kicked in. Two guys come in with guns,”
Pooley said, describing what was reportedly visible on the video feed.

Upon arrival, Tempe police identified one suspect as 27-year-old Edgardo Martinez, who was still in the apartment.

Martinez attempted to flee on foot but was located at an apartment complex near Priest and Elliot. He was taken into custody, along with the second suspect.

The two men broke into the unit at around 5 a.m.

Witnesses who had been playing the online game with the 28-year-old woman called police when they saw the break-in. They said they saw two men with guns break down the door to her apartment.

Gamers called authorities in their areas, trying to get help for the woman.

According to Pooley, authorities elsewhere also got calls from other people who
were watching the video feed and also saw the break-in. He said dispatchers were
trying to pin down details of those calls.

The 28-year-old woman and her 29-year-old female roommate weren’t injured,
according to police.

Martinez was arrested and charged with counts of armed robbery, kidnapping, first degree burglary and theft.

Pooley said he didn’t immediately know the name of the game that the woman was
playing, but Phoenix TV station KTVK reported it was “Dota 2.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.