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Officials: Arizona residents should have emergency plan for monsoon

PHOENIX — Planning ahead for the monsoon, Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday designated June 8-13 as Monsoon Awareness Week.

The Arizona Division of Emergency Management, along with several other state agencies, has prepared a game plan of sorts for what to do during severe weather to ensure safety.

Monsoons generally hit Arizona from June to mid-September. Thunderstorms can lead to vicious dust storms, power outages, flash flooding and lightning strikes can cause wildfires.

The agencies’ tips include:

• Each household having a plan where to meet during an emergency, enough water and nonperishable food (also for pets) to last 72 hours, a first-aid kit, flashlight, radio and batteries, a phone charger, cash and copies of important documents

• Parents should find out if schools have an emergency plan

Official emergency updates will be posted online.