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Report: Phoenix 8th best city for college grads

PHOENIX — Not so fast, Arizona parents: Your college graduate may be hanging around a little while longer.

According to a new report from Kiplinger, Phoenix is on the list of the ten cities that are most promising for new college grads.

Income and cost of living were the key factors in the report, “focus[ing] on places where recent graduates are likely to land good jobs and take home above-average paychecks,” as well as places that are budget-friendly.

Based largely on those criteria, Phoenix ranked No. 8. The median salary for recent grads is $43,100 a year and the median age is 34.8. Twenty-seven percent of last year’s online job postings in Phoenix were for entry-level positions. Phoenix also “offers renters the lowest living cost of all the cities on the list.”

Boulder, Colo., was No. 1.