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First responders urge caution in high temperatures

PHOENIX — First responders are urging Valley residents to heed signs and warnings given by their body that extreme heat and lack of water has put them in the danger zone.

“Dehydration can lead to irreversible health issues. Kidney failure could happen,” said Mesa Fire Captain Forrest Smith.

Currently, Mesa firefighters are responding to approximately 12 heat-related calls daily.

There are some symptoms to look for, including a lack of sweat, red skin turning pale, dizziness, nausea and disorientation.

“If you see someone in distress, get them into a cool environment quickly and have them sip small amounts of water. Call 911,” said Smith.

First responders are also encouraging residents to keep tabs on the elderly in their community. Check in on them and make sure they have a working cooling system and they have plenty of water to drink.