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DREAMer protest held at Rep. Matt Salmon’s Valley office

PHOENIX — On the one-year anniversary of the first House vote to deport DREAMers, advocates nationwide held simultaneous demonstrations targeting 27 House Republicans in their home districts, including the Gilbert, Ariz. office of U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon.

The goal was to urge lawmakers to act and to remind key Republicans “what’s at stake for them and their party if they continue to block a vote on immigration reform.”

At the Gilbert protest, a group of nearly two dozen carried signs and peacefully marched into the politician’s office and were met by Salmon’s staff members, who listened to their concerns. The protesters did not speak with the Salmon, but say they hope the message gets to him.

“I’m scared sometimes, that they’ll take my parents away and I’ll be here alone,” said a 9-year-old United States citizen, who participated in the demonstration.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform which would include a pathway to citizenship,” said another demonstrator who did not wish to be named. “I want to serve in the Marine Corps and I can’t. I want to make this country a better place.”