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U of A slashes non-resident law school tuition

PHOENIX — The University of Arizona announced it is slashing the tuition cost for non-resident students at the school’s law college.

Marc Miller, dean of the James E. Rogers College of Law, said the reduction is part of an attempt to lure more students from around the country to the college.

“Part of this change is to make sure that top students throughout this region and throughout the country realize that we have an extraordinary law school and university here and that a legal education can still be obtained at a decent price,” said Miller.

Miller said the change is also meant to make the school particularly attractive to California students, who make up a large portion of the law college population.

“The second largest source of students for us, after Arizona, is California, and the second largest destination for our graduates is California,” Miller said. “To compete for the top non-residents from California and elsewhere…our sticker price was, in some sense, obscuring the reality of just how affordable and excellent we were.”

The change in tuition is an attempt to not only lure more of those students to the University of Arizona but also to keep them here in Arizona after graduation.

“As a public institution here in Arizona, I see this as consistent with training, keeping and creating networks for the best lawyers,” he said.

According to the Wall Street Journal, non-resident students this fall will pay about $29,000, which is roughly a 25 percent reduction from last year’s cost of $39,841.