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Chicago Public Schools under fire after controversial question surrounding Sheriff Arpaio

PHOENIX — Chicago Public Schools, have come under fire for a controversial exam question.

According to WBEZ Chicago
, earlier this month seventh grade students in Chicago were given two different passages to read and respond to on the issue of immigration.

One of the passages featured commentary with strong negative views on immigration with comments such as “I dream of a time when we ban all new immigrants,” or “I object to any effort to give rights to anyone who comes here illegally.”

But it’s not the commentary that has brought the passage into the ire of some; it’s the fictional author’s biography underneath the commentary that has caused a public outcry.

The fictional biography said the passage was written for by someone named “Arie Payo.” The pronunciation of which sounds very similar to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and when coupled with Arpaio’s strong stance on immigration it begs the question of whether or not the name was created intentionally.

“Come on…pronounce my name and then pronounce that name,” Arpaio said in response to the fictional author’s name.

The district claims the likeness to Arpaio’s name is purely coincidence and they have pulled the question from their database, according to Fox News.

Even though the biography said “Arie Payo” had previously worked as an aide to President Bush’s Immigration Taskforce and featured a photo of an African American, neither of which would represent Arpaio, he said he still believes the name was no coincidence.

“Why didn’t they use my real name?” he said. “Critics can say there was no connection, but come on.”