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Jana Bommersbach on the most under-reported significant stories in Arizona

Jana Bommersbach (Facebook Photo)

Jana Bommersbach was the most-acclaimed investigative reporter in the state of Arizona back in the early 1980s. She recently blogged her concern about the current paucity of serious investigative journalism in the state.

The Think Tank took that as a challenge and invited Jana to come on the show and tell us what she feels are the most under-reported but significant stories in the state.

We give her the chance this week to explain her thoughts about what these stories are and their significance to our politics. We are not sharing her answers in advance: You have to listen in to find out what she thinks where we are most lacking.

Jana has probably won more awards than any journalist in the state of Arizona. She has worked as an investigative journalist for the Phoenix New Times and Phoenix Magazine, among others, and did very memorable (and award-winning) commentaries for KAET.

Then she gave all that up to write novels. With this transformation, the literary world gained, but public affairs junkies like us lost some real insight into our politics.