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Phoenix-area ‘Pink Panther’ burglar suspected in 40 robberies arrested

PHOENIX — A man dubbed the “Pink Panther” burglar who is suspected of committing more than 40 home robberies has been arrested in Sun City, Arizona, on Friday, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.

Dalton Philbrick (Photo: MSCO)

Dalton Philbrick (Photo: MSCO)

Dalton Philbrick was suspected of committing at least 40 home robberies in Sun City and Sun City West, stealing approximately a quarter of a million dollars worth of valuables. Sheriff’s officials said Philbrick would only steal jewelry and cash from the homes and did not appear to sell any of the items at pawn shops.

In the release, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Philbrick would “routinely” enter homes by breaking a window or door between noon and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.

“Because he wore latex gloves, he left behind little to no evidence that could aid us in identifying him,” Arpaio said in the release.

Sheriff’s officials said they started to put together the pieces of the puzzle when witnesses began identifying two reoccurring vehicles at crime scenes: A white, extended pick-up truck and a red, foreign-made station wagon. A witness also took a photograph of the suspect at the crime scene.

The department posted an all points bulletin about the vehicle and suspect description. Police in Glendale, Arizona, recognized the vehicle and description in a series of burglaries that occurred a year prior and identified the suspect as Philbrick.

After officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff Office crime lab were able to match Philbrick’s known prints with partial prints found at crime scenes, a search warrant was issued on his home, where the two vehicles were located.

Philbrick was arrested on several outstanding warrants, including driving under the influence, narcotics use and possession, theft and trafficking in stolen property.

“Unfortunately for the victims in Sun City and Sun City West, none of the stolen jewelry has been recovered yet,” Arpaio said in the press release.

Arpaio said sheriff’s deputies are still investigating and expect to bring additional charges onto Philbrick in relation to the robbery string.

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