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Arizona Red Cross sends 3 to aid in tornado recovery

PHOENIX — The Grand Canyon Chapter of the Red Cross announced Wednesday it would send three members to aid areas affected by tornadoes.

One volunteer, Todd Tamcsin, said he isn’t sure what to expect when he sets foot on the ground in Jackson, Miss., but he feels he will have something in common with the people he will help.

“It’s definitely emotional,” he said. “It’s definitely difficult. What we went through here in Yarnell was just heart-wrenching, so I guess I don’t know exactly what to expect there.”

Tamcsin, who will be photographing the disaster area and working with public affairs, will be joined by volunteer Jean Currey in Jackson.

Another volunteer, Jerry Favdro, is being dispatched to Arkansas to assist in disaster health services.

All three volunteers will be dispatched for one to two weeks.