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Report: Habit will cost Arizona smokers $1.6M over lifetime

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

PHOENIX — Smoking in Arizona is a very, very expensive habit to have over a lifetime, a report said.

Financial website Wallet Hub said the habit will cost the average Arizona smoker about $1.6 million — $1,677,137 if you want to be precise — if they smoke over most of their lifespan.

The site included a lot of information to reach its number, including how much an Arizona smoker will spend on actual cigarettes, how much money the habit may cause them to miss out on and health care costs, among a few other factors. The full formula is listed on the study.

While $1.6 million is a tidy sum, it’s by no means the most expensive in the country. That title goes to New York, where average smokers are looking at a lifelong total of $2.4 million, followed by Massachusetts at $2.3 million and Alaska at $2.2 million.

Wallet Hub said it performed the study to inspire people to quit during Tobacco-Free Awareness Week, but if you or another friend who partakes don’t want to quit the habit, there are states where it is cheaper to smoke for life.

Louisiana is the cheapest at $1.2 million. It’s followed by Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia and North Carolina.

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