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Phoenix Chamber of Commerce claims several wins in state legislature

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce says there were several “wins” for business in the just-completed Arizona legislative session.

Chamber Vice President Chad Heinrich said he likes an $8 million budget provision to fund a new education assessment that he said will give students the training they need to get good jobs.

“Companies don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time ramping up the skill level. Those students will be ready to join the work force,” Heinrich said.

He’s also applauding the Legislature for passing the Angel Investment Program, which provides tax credits for small businesses for the next 10 years. Heinrich said that will help small business investments to continue growing.

“It really brings together those qualified companies who are in need of capital and the investors who can provide that capital,” Heinrich said.

He added that bills providing more funding for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality are also a big win. Heinrich gave the Legislature a grade of anywhere from an A- to a B+ for the work done in this session.