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Phoenix mayor pledges support for Super Bowl security

PHOENIX — Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is pledging that Phoenix will help Glendale provide security around University of Phoenix Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday next year.

“They need help from a security perspective on game day, and Phoenix is going to stand ready to help to provide that,” Stanton said. “We do not want Glendale to go into a budget situation where they can’t be the best hosts possible. We all have an interest in their success.”

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said his city is going ahead with planning for the 2015 Super Bowl, even though the Arizona Senate has rejected a bill that would have created a way for the state to help Glendale pay the $3 million cost of security at the game.

Weiers is disappointed that the city’s not getting the money, but it’s time to move forward.

“I can’t bring water back that’s gone underneath the bridge,” he said. “We’re going to make this the best event possible.”

But Weiers said Glendale has learned its lesson.

“In future events, we’re going to make sure that when people want to have mega events here, and they come before my council and ask for approval, they just need to come and basically show how they’re going to help us provide public safety,” said Weiers. “We won’t bear the burden ourselves.”

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Glendale shouldn’t have to bear the burden by itself. He said that all Valley cities should share the responsibilities of hosting the Super Bowl.

“We don’t want Glendale to be in a situation where they feel that they can’t host major events,” said Stanton. “We’re a team. We can handle the hosting responsibilities and the security responsibilities as a team.”

Weiers said that he has a great relationship with Stanton but that any decision on whether Phoenix police officers would assisting with security near University of Phoenix Stadium would be made by Glendale’s police chief, due to the jurisdiction.

Weiers added that there is something that he could use Stanton’s help on.

“If his city is willing to write a check (to the City of Glendale), I certainly have no problem with taking it,” Weiers said.

Stanton has made no mention that Phoenix is willing to do that.