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Get your head in the game: Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ cast to host 10-year reunion

What time is it? Time for a 10-year reunion, apparently.

The cast of Disney Channel’s original movie “High School Musical” will be hosting a 10-year reunion on Wednesday, according to the Disney website. The reunion will be televised at 6 p.m. Arizona time on Disney Channel.

That’s right — it’s been 10 years since the first “High School Musical” debuted to a slew of tweens, teens and all in-betweens on Disney Channel on Jan. 20, 2006.

Cast members Vanessa Hudgens, who played smart-girl-turned-musical-star Gabriella Montez, will be joined by Ashley Tisdale — aka diva Sharpay Evans — Lucas Grabeel, who followed in twin sister Sharpay’s footsteps as Ryan Evens, Corbin Bleu, who played too-cool-for-school jock Chad Danforth, and Monique Coleman, who played Chad’s better half Taylor McKessie.

The OG cast gathered in a gymnasium designed to look like where they shot a big portion of the first movie in the trilogy, which debuted its last film in 2008.

Although many of the brace-faced, 13-year-olds who crowded around their televisions and swooned over a baby-faced Zac Efron were “breaking free” and “started something new” with their own lives, that doesn’t mean we can’t all “bop to the top” and be “all in this together” when reliving our childhoods.

And even though Efron could not be there to join the reunion in person (and possibly rekindle his love with on- and off-screen girlfriend Hudgens), it will definitely be “a night to remember.”

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