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Police: One dead, one in critical condition after Phoenix-area high-speed car crash

PHOENIX — A high-speed car crash in Tempe, Arizona, has led to the death of one person and left another in critical condition, according to police.

Police said two cars were traveling on University Drive between Hardy Drive and Beck Avenue around 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning when one crashed into the other at high speeds.

Two were transported to a hospital after their vehicle was rear-ended.

The driver of a black BMW, traveling at reported speeds as high as 100 mph, crashed into a Kia carrying two passengers, sending the vehicle off of the road. Chezray Young, 20, a passenger in the Kia died, while the other is in critical condition.

The driver of the BMW was identified as Stanley Chu. Police arrested Chu on Monday for his involvement in the crash.

The occupants of the BMW appeared to be uninjured, according to police. University Drive between Hardy Drive and Beck Avenue was closed for the investigation, but police reopened the road early Monday morning.

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