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Avondale looking for volunteer crime scene technicians

LISTEN: Avondale looking for volunteer crime scene technicians

PHOENIX — Avondale is looking for volunteers for their crime scene technician program.

If you have an interest in crime scene investigation, the Avondale Police Department is giving you an opportunity.

“Volunteers can pull prints, they can take photographs and do some general property crime scene tasks that an officer doesn’t necessarily need to stand by and do,” said Debbie Ray, volunteer coordinator for the Avondale Police Department.

Volunteers are encouraged to go through Avondale’s crime scene technician program. It’s comprised of 50 hours of training where a you will learn skills to process and document evidence.

“[Volunteers] have to be at least 21 years of age,” she said. “They have to first pass a full background investigation and a polygraph examination.”

Then after about six weeks of extensive training and at least a year’s commitment to the program, you could begin working a property crime scene.

“That frees up our officers from having to work a property crime scene,” Ray said. “They can move on to another call.”

You don’t need a degree to apply, but some experience is always helpful, she added.

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