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ASU makes list of most impressive new green buildings

PHOENIX — Arizona State University is as dedicated to the environment as it is to its students.

According to Business Insider, the ASU Student Health Services Building has been voted one of the “11 Most Impressive New Green Buildings in the U.S.,” making it the only building in Arizona to make the list.

[The] adaptive reuse project transformed an inefficient clinic into an organized and high-performing facility. The building is LEED Platinum-certified and one of the most energy-efficient buildings on campus.

The two-story clinic measures 34,000 square feet and cost $7.6 million to build. The main entrance faces the campus’ Palm Walk, the main thoroughfare, and architects removed about 10,000 square feet of turf grass and replaced it with “native landscaping irrigated by rainwater harvested from the facility’s roofs and stored in sub-grade cisterns,” according to the American Institute of Architects.