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Valley family thanks 911 operator for helping to save child’s life

PHOENIX — A tearful but joyous reunion took place at the Phoenix Fire Department Alarm Room Headquarters Thursday.

The Ain family stopped to thank operator Danica Dunn for her calm head, soothing voice and knowledgeable instruction. Her heroics resulted in the successful resuscitation of 23-month-old Charlie, who nearly drowned in a pool.

“It’s miraculous,” said Dunn.

The young mother has been with the department for eight years and the little boy’s near-drowning hit close to home because she has a child the same age.

“I can’t stress enough, don’t leave your child unsupervised around water,” she said.

On April 8, Charlie managed to get past the pool gate and ended up in the family’s backyard pool. His parents found him blue and unresponsive in the water.

“We all thought he was dead,” said Matthew Ain. “We had to be here to thank Danica, she’s an angel. She saved my son’s life.”

The Ains are adding an extra barrier around their pool and inviting an instructor to teach their entire neighborhood CPR. They want every parent to know a near-drowning can happen to any family at any time.