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Valley school celebrates anti-bully program success

PHOENIX — Dozens of Vally children celebrated Wednesday the success of a unique program designed to stop bullying.

Last November, Cactus View Elementary School implemented the Bully Patrol Squad with the help of some students and Phoenix Police Officer Jen Dodt.

“It’s nice to be able to solve problems during recess,” said 11-year-old Sierra Howe. “If it’s a bigger problem, like physical bullying, we send them to Officer Jen.”

Several children are part of the squad. They meet weekly and discuss ways to cut down on bullying in their school and they actively patrol the campus during break times and encourage others to be caring and compassionate.

The Bully Patrol Squad program’s is geared toward year-round education, awareness and student engagement in the fight against bullying. Educators, children, parent and police participation has been critical in the success of the program.