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Arizona among most ‘normal’ states in nation

PHOENIX — When it comes to Arizona, we’re apparently almost downright normal.

According to Business Insider, Arizona was the sixth-most normal state in the nation, meaning it was most similar to other states in various census figures.

What makes us normal, you ask? Our median apartment rent is just $4 more than the national median of $884 and 13.4 percent of Arizonans were born in a foreign country, compared to 13 percent nationally.

But have no fear! We’re weird too.

Despite being close to the country as a whole on the proportion of residents born abroad, Arizona’s foreign-born residents were less likely to be naturalized citizens — 60.7 [percent] of Arizona’s foreign born population were non-citizens, while the national proportion was about 54.2 [percent]. The effects of the housing boom can also be seen clearly in Arizona — 27.1 [percent] of houses in Arizona have been built since 2000, but only 15.8 [percent] of houses in the United States were that young.

Overall, the most normal state in the nation was Illinois, followed by Washington, Oregon, North Carolina and Indiana, respectively.