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Salute: Exhibit at Arizona Capitol Museum remembers ‘Fallen’ soldiers

(KTAR Photo/Corbin Carson)

A new exhibit puts faces on the soldiers Arizona lost since Sept. 11 in the war on terror.

“This is how the families of these fallen soldiers wanted their loved ones to be remembered,” said Kim Crawford, with the Arizona Capitol Museum. The exhibit, “Remembering Our Fallen”, will be there through Feb. 6.

There are Post-its available for anyone to leave a little note on the exhibits for family, or loved ones or anyone who may be moved by a particular soldier’s story. The room is filled with photos of loved ones and with mementos from their families.

“It’s a way to never forget Sept. 11 and the sacrifices our service men and women have made to defend our country and it’s interests,” Crawford said.

The Arizona Capitol Museum is located at the State Capitol in Phoenix. Admission and parking are free.

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