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Ad campaign being used to attract business in Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona is using an ad campaign to try to attract new business.

The campaign, which started last year, shows Arizona as a leader in attracting business, and boasts that the state is better than all of the 49 other states.

Arizona Commerce Authority Chief Operating Officer Greg Linaman said the campaign has a two-pronged approach.

“One prong is a print strategy which we started last spring, and the other prong is a digital strategy which we just launched a couple of weeks ago here.”

The print campaign has concluded. It included billboards that appeared in placed like Oakland International Airport. The digital campaign is running on such websites as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

“It involves more specific education, a more specific call to action, and we try to specifically generate leads and business prospects through that campaign,” Linaman said. He added that both strategies were placed in specific markets throughout the country.

The ad campaign is running through early summer.

The Arizona Commerce Authority’s website is