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New rules for students taking AIMS test

PHOENIX – For the first time, third-graders who fail the reading portion of state-required standardized testing will not advance to fourth grade.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law in 2010 called Move On When Reading. It not only required that third-graders pass the reading portion of the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS), but it also created a $40 million fund for remedial reading programs for elementary school students in kindergarten to third grade.

In cases of failure, third-grade students who fall below their reading grade level will have to be held back and schools must offer them extra reading time during the academic year or through online or summer classes.

Arizona students from third grade through high school will take AIMS this week. Parents are encouraged to make sure kids get enough rest and eat healthy breakfasts so they are physically prepared.

Tips for parents looking to help their children prepare for the AIMS test are available on the Arizona Education website.