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A look at Arizona’s top 10 high schools by SAT scores

The top high schools in Arizona have been identified — at least according to their average SAT scores from 2013.

Nearly all of the top 10 public high schools are charter schools, the Phoenix Business Journal reports.

Every school on the list had at least 10 students take the test last year. Of course high SAT test scores are only one indicator of a quality education … Some schools encourage their students to focus on the ACT test, and may not be included in this ranking. The Arizona Department of Education also conducts its own A-F Letter Grade Accountability System that tracks current-year achievement and academic growth.

The Business Journal listed the top 50 high schools in the state according to their SAT averages. Below is a look at the top 10 schools and their average scores. Keep in mind the maximum score awarded on a SAT is 2400.

#1: BASIS Scottsdale – 2075 average

#2: BASIS Tucson – 1939

#3: University High School, Tucson – 1916

#4: Gilbert Classical Academy – 1904

#5: BASIS Tucson North – 1900

#6: Scottsdale Preparatory Academy – 1858

#7: BASIS Oro Valley – 1809

#8: Veritas Preparatory Academy, Phoenix – 1795

#9: Northland Preparatory Academy, Flagstaff – 1785

#10: Tempe Preparatory Academy – 1784