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Hundreds of skydivers to attempt record over Arizona

PHOENIX — More than 200 skydivers will attempt to set a record this week in the skies over Arizona.

“We’re definitely on track and moving towards the goal,” said Rob Leitlaw, captain of one of the participating teams. “We have until Friday to do this but right now we’re probably ahead of schedule.”

Leitlaw and 221 other skydivers will attempt to create the largest double-formation skydive ever. They have 80 seconds to jump from the plane and establish the formation before deploying their chutes.

Leitlaw said it will take practice to get it right, but things are progressing well.

“The probability of building — you have to realize 222 people (have) to try and be in sync with each other — is a pretty big deal,” he said.

The previous record for such a maneuver was set by 110 people in Florida in 2013.