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2015 political awards and 2016 predictions

The Think Tank has assembled an all-star panel of political insiders (no mere journalists this week) to review 2015 and look forward to 2016.

This panel consists of:

  • Chuck Coughlin, Republican political guru and chief honcho at Highground. For three decades, he has been the brains behind the campaigns of many of the major Republican campaigns in the State of Arizona.
  • Chris Herstam has been at the state capitol in a variety of capacities over the last 32 years. He has been a legislator and a member of Republican leadership. He has also been a gubernatorial chief of staff, an agency director, served an eight-year term on the Board of Regents and worked as a lobbyist.
  • Chad Campbell is a recent House Minority Leader in the Arizona State Legislature.  (Minority in Arizona means Democrat).
  • Mike O’Neil relinquishes his inquisitor’s seat this week to Mike Russell, forcing him to go on the record with his own awards and predictions.

Our first two segments this week are below. We abandon our careful analysis of issues in favor of a high-energy feet-to-the-fire inquisition of our panel who will be forced to commit (Mike Russell lets no one off the hook) to their nominees for 2015 acclaim for:

  • 2015 Arizona Political Awards (top story, winners and losers, biggest surprise, etc.)
  • 2015 National and International Awards

We then peer into our crystal ball and extract their choices for:

  • 2016 Arizona Predictions (top story, biggest surprise, winners and losers, etc.)
  • 2016 National and International Predictions (winners, losers, surprise…and the trifecta: Dem and Rep Presidential nominees and the next President of the United States.