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Latest Arizona solar sales law will not change production for local company

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — An Arizona Senate bill requiring solar companies to provide pricing information to customers doesn’t change anything for one solar provider.

Senate Bill 1465, which went into effect Jan. 1, required Arizona solar companies to provide consumers with pricing and warranty information before they reached an agreement.

Solar City Director and Regulatory Counsel Chet McGensy said the bill came about due to bad actors that were selling solar power in Arizona.

He said those companies took advantage of solar power’s popularity and were not following the law.

McGensy said the bill reinforces laws and regulations already in place.

“We’ve always been honest with our customers,” McGensy said. “This law hasn’t required us to make any changes to our product or to make any changes to the way we interact with our customers,” McGensy said.

For those thinking about switching to solar power, McGensy said make sure to ask the provider questions about pricing and roof warranties before entering an agreement.

“All these various questions are fundamental for a consumer to choose which solar provider that they are going to go with,” McGensy said.

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