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New year, new home: Declutter these 3 areas to better manage your household

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This time of year, everyone tends to be focused on the topic of organization.

Whether it’s organizing the garage, the cabinets or the home office, there is something about straightening those spaces that gives you feelings of accomplishment and comfort. This year, we want to encourage you to consider organizing all your home paperwork and receipts.

We’ve put together a list of three simple focus areas that will help you organize, de-clutter and manage your household:

  • Mortgage & Payment Paperwork: Create a file specifically for your home ownership paperwork: Contract and mortgage information, homeowner’s association paperwork and contact information, homeowner insurance policies, etc.
  • Contractor & Service Provider Receipts, Warrantees: Each time you hire a contractor, or service provider file their estimate, receipt, warrantees, and any other paperwork in a single folder. Keep a separate folder for each project/contractor including any record of communication, notes and emails.
  • Major Appliance Paperwork: You’ll also want to start individual folders for major appliances like the air conditioning unit, water heater, pool/spa equipment, etc. You’ll be able to find the receipts and paperwork quickly when necessary, and you’ll have the entire history of the repairs and any services performed. This can be a great asset if you decide to sell your home.

This time spent organizing is not only a great investment for the years to come, but can also streamline your filings at tax time.

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