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Drones, connected homes big at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

While everyone was gearing up for Day 1 of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we got the inside track on this year’s biggest devices.

Rachel Horn, with the Consumer Technology Association, said this year’s hottest device is everything drones.

“What we’re seeing this year is more drones that are truly autonomous and self-guided than what we’ve seen before,” she said.

Horn also said a large portion of the floor will be dedicated to the so-called Internet of Things, or households where nearly every device is connected and can communicate with one another.

“We’re seeing these really affordable, incredibly small sensors being embedded into just about everything — clothing, jewelry, watches,” she said. “These are ways to take control of your health and your wellness and enrich our lives. It’s awesome.”

Some other big features at this year’s CES are smart and electric car technology, a virtual reality marketplace and 3D printing.

“Things that were once the stuff of science fiction are here now,” Horn said. “It’s real.”

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