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President Barack Obama’s action on gun control isn’t all bad

Joe McGrew, of Lake Ariel, Pa., inspects his new Saiga AK-47 style rifle as Rich Johnson, left, owner of Big Rich American Sports Shop processes his background check in Scranton, Pa., Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. McGraw purchased two of the Russian made AK-47 style rifles in two different calibers. President Barack Obama unveiled his plan Tuesday to tighten control and enforcement of firearms in the U.S. (Jake Danna Stevens/The Times & Tribune via AP)

Yes, President Barack Obama took action on gun control on Tuesday.

Here is a message to all of my fellow Second Amendment-loving people out there: Take a deep breath. This isn’t as bad as you think. Trust me.

After speaking with my friends that own gun shops around the Valley, I discovered a surprising calm and, believe it or not, some enthusiasm.

First, the current National Instant Criminal Background Check system does need more staff, expanded hours of operation and a huge system upgrade. I’m pretty sure they are running on Windows 97! This is a win.

The business about people that sell guns for a living need to be licensed has yet to be defined. We don’t yet know how many firearms someone would have to sell annually to be required to get a license. Let’s reserve judgment until we know.

Two in every three of American gun deaths are from suicide. Obama committing $500 million to our mental health system is what I call a good start.

However, there’s the issue of doctors reporting mental health issues to the federal government. This will be struck down in the courts because it lacks due process, which is secured by the 14th Amendment.

Look, tensions are high right now. Let’s be patient, do our homework, and judge only when the details are revealed.

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