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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s inaugural address marks start of second term in office

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton took the oath of office Monday at the historic Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, officially beginning his second term.

Stanton said he plans to take actions now that will not only take affect during his upcoming term, but will reflect throughout the next four decades.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but we are making great progress because of our bold choices,” he said in his inaugural address.

Stanton said Phoenix will continue to move beyond the “failed economic model of the past” and will shape an economy that is rooted in innovation, focused on growing exports and will put the city in a position to “compete and lead globally.”

The mayor used the growing number of technology companies moving to Phoenix and bringing jobs to the city as one of his past economic successes.

In August, voters passed Proposition 104, legislation that will create a .07 percent tax for the next 35 years to pay for the $31 billion plan that would add 42 miles to the light rail system in Phoenix. The proposition will also include expanded bus routes, 800 miles of new roadways and 1,000 miles of new bike lanes.

Stanton said its passing is one example that shows the city is preparing its infrastructure for the future.

“Phoenix residents drafted and voters overwhelmingly approved one of the most ambitious and game-changing infrastructure investments in the nation,” he said.

Four city council members were also officially sworn in Monday: Councilwoman Thelda Williams, Councilman Bill Gates, Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela and Councilman MIchael Nowakowski. Each of the members won re-election to 4-year terms back in August 2015.

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