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Donald Trump releases first 2016 campaign ad

Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump released his first campaign advertisement over the weekend.

During a rally in the Phoenix area last month, Trump proudly declared he had not been spending much on advertising, thanks to all the free coverage he gets in the media.

“I’ve spent $211,000,” he said at the time, adding that he was expecting to have spent $35 million by this point.

That number took a big jump with the new ad.

The 30-second ad serves as a greatest Trump hits, of sorts. The ad focuses on multiple topics, including the terror attack in San Bernardino, California, Muslim immigration and the border with Mexico.

It opens by immediately taking a shot at President Barack Obama, with a voice-over stating “the politicians can say it’s something else, but Donald Trump calls it radical Islamic terrorism,” in reference to the San Bernardino attack.

It then shifts to Trump’s plan to halt all Muslims from entering the United States and rolls immediately into his plan to “cut the head off” of the Islamic State terror group by cutting off its access to oil reserves.

The final point is the mogul’s plan to not only build a fence between the United States and Mexico, but to have the Mexican government foot the bill.

The ad closes with Trump’s campaign slogan, “We will make America great again.”

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