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Arizona business owner starts fundraiser to save historic downtown Phoenix home

PHOENIX — One local business owner has started a fundraiser in order to preserve the uniqueness and historic aspect to one downtown Phoenix home.

Kimber Lanning, director of Local First Arizona, started an IndieGoGo campaign in order to save the Wurth House, a home on downtown Phoenix’s historic Roosevelt Row.

Lanning said she was interested in saving the home because it brought a unique quality to the downtown Phoenix area.

“(The home is) a little 1911 bungalow that I was interested in saving because it really lent itself to the character of the neighborhood,” she said.

The campaign aims to raise $79,000 before the end of January in order to move and refurbish the home. Donations will go to various costs such as renovating the home, moving the home, engineering and purchasing permits.

Lanning said the Wurth House was slated for demolition after a massive land deal involving the north side of Roosevelt Street in downtown Phoenix went through, making it one of the only historic homes left in the area.

The Wurth House, Lanning said, will hopefully be renovated into a welcome center for Roosevelt Row and expanded offices for Local First Arizona.

KTAR News’ Brian Rackham contributed to this report. 

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