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Syrian refugees starting fresh in Phoenix

Supporters for the welcoming of Syrian refugees pause during a rally at the Arizona Capitol Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, in Phoenix. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has joined a growing number of governors calling for an immediate halt to the placement of any new refugees in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris. The U.S. State Department says Arizona has received 153 Syrian refugees so far this year. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

PHOENIX-  As violence continues in the Middle East, some Syrian refugees are ushering the New Year in Phoenix.

Abduloahed Mohamed narrowly escaped the violence in Syria just over a year ago. He took his family to Jordan and finally made it to the United States in late 2015.

Mohamed spoke to KTAR News through a translator about his struggles in the Middle East and his hopes for 2016.

“We left our homes to escape the violence and the terrorism of the (Assad) regime and the violence all around us and we came here seeking shelter and refuge and safety,” Mohamed said.

Even as Muslims, Mohamed said he and his family faced severe persecution by terror groups like ISIS as well as the government.

“We were prisoners in our own homes, we couldn’t have access to basic essentials and (there was) unimaginable violence all around,” he said.

Mohammed said he hopes 2016 is the start of new life for his family. They have found a place to live in the Valley which Mohammed hopes is the first step to a better life in Phoenix.

“I have no plan,” he said. “We are starting from scratch and we are going to try and just build our life and hopefully have a good life.”

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