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ADOT and Keep Arizona Beautiful partner up for Litter Hotline

(Via ADOT)

The Arizona Department of Transportation has a hotline that the public can call to report litter violations that result in a cautionary letter.

Along with ADOT, the statewide nonprofit organization Keep Arizona Beautiful has a Litter Hotline that allows people to call in and report littering on the highways. This results in a cautionary letter being sent to the offender.

With a report of other details and the vehicle’s license plate number to 1-877-3LITTER or online at, the report will be in and the letter will be sent.

“Besides harming Arizona’s land, water and quality of life, littering along highways is a significant cost to ADOT and, in the end, to all of us,” ADOT Director John Halikowski said. “While those who litter deserve what they get if caught by law enforcement, a gentle reminder through the Litter Hotline can make someone think twice about tossing something out the window.”

Roughly 1,500 letters are sent out each year. No information is shared with law enforcement and there are no points added to driver licenses.

About 1.2 million pounds of litter is picked up on the highway each year.


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