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Seel: Bill blocking immigrants from public resources only applies to those ‘who have had their day in court’

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Republican State Rep. Carl Seel has introduced a controversial new bill that would prohibit illegal immigrants from using public resources, like roads or bathrooms.

When Seel spoke to News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos on Thursday, he insisted the bill was being misconstrued, saying it does not target all illegal immigrants.

“It only applies to people who have had their day in court,” Seel explained. “In other words, if you were here illegally and you were driving recklessly and you got arrested for it..and you had your day in court and thereafter, you could not show that you were legally here and you overstayed your court orders.”

In other words, Seel said, it applies to those “who have been ordered to self-deport.”

According to KSAZ-TV, in the past, Seel has “authored a bill that would have required President Obama and other candidates running for president to prove they’re U.S. citizens.”

Seel has also supported HB 1070, and he said this bill falls within the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“It’s amazing how, when we enforce elements that we can enforce — 1070 and the Fair and Legal Employment Act and Prop 200 and the like — how violent crimes go down and the quality of life gets better here in Arizona,” Seel said.

Seel knew of the controversy his proposed bill was generating, but he said that just goes along with the political territory.

“Any bill that anybody writes, they can slam it anyway they want or slant it anyway they want,” Seel said.

While reiterating that the bill would apply to “only the few who have had their day in court,” Seel said the bill would also apply to anyone, even U.S. citizens, who came across Arizona’s border from another state who may either be in violation of their parole or if they failed to register as a sex offender once arriving in the state.

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