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‘Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders’ with Linda Valdez

(Photos: Linda Valdez)

Thirty or so years ago, Linda Valdez was coaxed into taking a vacation in the interior of Mexico. There she met a young Mexican man and fell in love.

“Crossing the Line” is an autobiographical treatment of her marriage to that once-undocumented immigrant.

I read an electronic proof copy of the book prior to seeing its cover. The book is so well-written and engrossing that I initially mistook it for a novel, not an autobiographical story. It tells a riveting story of a fascinating tale of families and cultures and a line in the sand that, too often, divides them.

Linda’s bi-cultural experiences on both sides of our border provide insight into both cultures. That insight is reflected in her book as it is in her writing for “The Arizona Republic,” for which she is a columnist.

Join us in this week’s Think Tank to partake of some of that insight.

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