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Will the purchase of Arizona’s Four Peaks lead to the brewery’s downfall?

(Facebook/Four Peaks Brewery)

Today, KTAR News reported that Arizona’s own, homegrown brewery Four Peaks was being purchased by Budweiser.

Immediately, thoughts of the Death Star popped into Arizonan’s minds with the Imperial March playing in the background.

I will have to admit, I was taken back when I read the news but quickly changed my tune.

Now hold on to your tap handles — this might hurt.

This is actually a really good thing! Yes, REALLY good.

Four Peaks will continue to be an Arizona staple, but will now be an ambassador for Arizona beer culture with global distribution.

We need to get over our fears of Kilt Lifter becoming a wimpy, fizzy yellow beer and celebrate that a local company has hit it big!

We need to be celebrating Andy Ingram and his founding partners.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey nailed it on the head when he called the purchase an “Arizona success story and the American Dream in action.”


So join me in congratulating Four Peaks for this amazing success.

I’m sure we will still be the first to get our hands on Pumpkin Porter each year, right?

Well, we better be!

(OK, maybe I’m still a little fired up.)

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