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Phoenix police looking for suspects in double murder

William (left) and Barbara Singer. (Silent Witness Photos)

This story originally appeared Dec. 21, 2015.

“Whoever did this was definitely an evil, evil person,” Phoenix homicide Detective Cristie Eisentraut said of the murders of 81-year-old William Singer and his 64-year old-wife, Barbara.

“I’ve been to a lot of violent crime scenes and this one was one of the most violent and brutal,” Eisentraut said.

A visiting nurse found the bodies in the Singers’ home near 35th Avenue and Bell Road on July 2, 2014. It’s believed they were killed over the weekend of June 28.

Surveillance video of a nearby ATM shows each of the Singers taking out large sums of money very late at night — not their usual routine.

“Everyone I’ve talked to says they were the nicest couple and they just enjoyed doing everything together,” Eisentraut said. “They had children and grandchildren. That was one of the hard things to have to work that scene and see them in that way with the pictures of their children and loved ones surrounding me.”

The Singers were very community-involved and did a lot of charity work. Eisentraut said they were close with many of their neighbors, so she’s surprised that investigators haven’t received more tips about the murders.

This case has become personal for her.

“I’ve come to feel as if they could be my grandparents,” she said. “I look at their picture on a daily basis to remind myself to keep working. I won’t stop working and turning over every stone I can in order to solve this.”

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