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Top 10 Lasso posts on from 2015

Dec 18, 2015, 5:00 AM

Here at, we’re dedicated to bringing you the news you care about, the stories that affect you and covering events — both local and beyond — that people will be talking about.

But sometimes we know you like to have a little fun, and so do we, and that’s when we turn to our Lasso blog.

Covering everything that’s cool, interesting or funny, the Lasso is your spot to relax for a few and see a video that everyone is talking about, a photo making the rounds or something that is just plain neat.

Below are the top 10 posts from 2015 on the Lasso. Thanks for clicking and we can’t wait to find you more fun things — in addition to bringing you all the news you need — in 2016!

No. 10: Barbie turns 56: Take a look back at the iconic doll’s past

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

No. 9: It’s me, again: Adele performs ‘Hello’ with classroom instruments on ‘Tonight Show’

No. 8: San Bernardino cop tells frightened crowd ‘I’ll take a bullet before you will’

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No. 7: Aerial footage shows massive extent of Texas flooding

No. 6: Infuriated mom smacks son for participating in Baltimore riots

No. 5: Arizona Fox weather man rolls with map malfunction like a boss

No. 4: Never-before-seen photos show White House reaction after 9/11

(U.S. Archives Photo)

(U.S. Archives Photo)

No. 3: Sam Adams releases helium-infused beer for April Fools’

No. 2: Here’s what happens when Adele enters an Adele look-alike contest

No. 1: Man saves penguin, penguin visits man every year

Best of 2015

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Bruce St. James

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Legally Speaking: The top seven Arizona legal cases of 2015

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Taylor Swift tops list of most successful tours of 2015

A lot of singers made a lot of money during 2015, and some of them picked up a good chunk of change in metro Phoenix. Taylor Swift led overall tour earnings with $250.4 million.

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Grab the popcorn: Bruce St. James’ top 10 movies of 2015

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She Said: Favorite WhereShouldWeEat Instagram posts of 2015

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KTAR hosts revisit the most impactful stories of 2015

These are the stories we go home and can't get off of our minds, the ones we talk about around our dinner tables, the ones we explain to our kids.

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Top 10 Lasso posts on from 2015