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‘Star Wars’ geeks vs. sports fans: Is there really a difference?

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So here we are: 24 short hours from now, I will be sitting down in a theater to watch the much anticipated sevenh movie in the “Star Wars” franchise: “The Force Awakens.”

Now, before you roll your eyes at all of us that wait in line, dress up or talk about “Star Wars” all the time, I want to draw a comparison:

Our parents took us to the theaters. We experienced “Star Wars” together. We now get to do the same with our kids.

Remember when your parents took you to your first sporting event? Remember taking your kids to theirs?

Remember dressing up as a “Star Wars” character for Halloween? How cool is it that your kids were wanting to do the same thing this year?

What about dressing as your favorite Arizona Cardinal? How cool is it that your kid wants to be Patrick Peterson this year?

You see, there are only two pieces of pop culture that stand the test of time and are handed down from generation to generation: Sports and “Star Wars.”

So when you feel like rolling your eyes at all of us that bought tickets for opening day, rushed out to buy merchandise, got our kids all geeked up about wearing the gear and waited with childlike anticipation for the iconic scrolling intro, do this instead:

Think about buying tickets for the Cardinals season opener, rushing out to buy you and your kid matching Cardinals jerseys and waiting with childlike anticipation for the starting lineups and national anthem.

You will then start to understand just how special the next few days will be for millions of kids and those of us who are kids at heart.

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