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LA school panic is yet another win for terrorism

A gate to Birmingham Community Charter High School is locked with a sign stating that school is closed, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015, in Van Nuys, Calif. All schools in the vast Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's second largest, have been ordered closed due to an electronic threat Tuesday. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

With all of the shenanigans Tuesday in the Los Angeles School District, I have to say it: Terror won.


You see, terror doesn’t have much to do with bombings or mass shootings. These are just tools used by terrorists to keep the momentum.

The real win for terror groups are the reactions following the bombings or shootings.

Tuesday, that was on full display.

There was an act of terror in San Bernardino two weeks ago. Because of the fear in the wake of that attack, it only took an email to shut down the second-largest school district in the nation and strike fear into the hearts of an entire city.

This is the business that terrorists are in and I have to admit, business is good.

This will only change when we as Americans wake up and see clearly that terrorism is right here in our own backyard.

If we fail to do so, the terrorists will continue to win — one pressure cooker at a time, one email threat at a time, or every time they say “BOO.”

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