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Baseball should give Pete Rose what he deserves, the Hall of Fame

Monday, we baseball fans received word that Major League Baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred, denied Pete Rose’s appeal to be reinstated.

Quick history lesson for you. Rose was one of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball. His career included a record 4,256 hits, three World Series championships and more wins than any other player, as well as 17 All-Star Game selections at a record five different positions.

Rose was banned from baseball in 1989.

Why? Did he get busted for steroids? Domestic violence?

Nope. Those infractions are met with a small slap on the wrist by MLB.

Rose broke “Rule 21.”

Though Shall Never Bet on Baseball.

A few years after his ban, the league added a new rule that bans all players that have been banned from baseball from being inducted into the Hall of Fame, including those that had been banned prior to the new rule.

That means that Rose knew he would never play again but thought that he would at least be given his due in the Hall of Fame.


Lets face it, retroactive rules are nothing short of ridiculous. In this case, it slapped a deserving man right in the face!

In a game that is losing more and more fans every year, the leadership needs to stop this prideful sniveling and show once and for all that people make minor mistakes in life and those minor mistakes deserve a second chance.

Especially when the one needing the second chance has done so much for the game itself.

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