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Let’s tone down the Donald Trump-Adolf Hitler comparisons

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

There is something that is concerning me about our nation’s reaction to Donald Trump’s controversial comments about a ban on all Muslims traveling to the U.S.

I will say that I don’t agree with his call for a ban, because I don’t think that is the solution and I will also say that I am not backing Trump’s presidential run.

But I am more than tired of hearing the anti-Trump crowd calling him a fascist and comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

If you paid attention in your U.S. history class, you would be better served comparing Trump to presidents Chester Arthur or Franklin D. Roosevelt or Jimmy Carter.

Arthur presided over the Exclusion Act of 1882, which banned all Chinese laborers from entering the U.S.

FDR signed Executive Order 9066 which lead to the internment of thousands of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent.

And most recently, Carter stripped thousands of Iranians of their visas and banned Iranians from entering the U.S during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.

You see kids, history is important. It’s easier for some to compare Trump to evil than it is to compare him with men that have held the office that he is running for.

Why? Because the historic facts don’t fit their narrative.

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