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Triple-A offering safe New Year’s Eve tow service

PHOENIX — With New Year’s celebrations happening all across the state, AAA Arizona wants drivers to have a plan to get home safely.

If plans of a designated driver or cab ride home don’t pan out, “Tipsy Tow” can help.

“You get a free tow and ride home, up to 10 miles, and we will take, you, your vehicle and one passenger,” said Michelle Donati with AAA Arizona, adding that a tow fee applies for distances over 10 miles.

The free program is available across the entire state and begins Tuesday at 6 p.m. and runs through 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Donati said AAA does not accept reservations and is just trying to help everyone make it home safely.

“We want you to have a plan in place to celebrate responsibly and that plan should include a designated driver or a safe way to get home, but if that plan does fall through, that’s why AAA offers Tipsy Tow service.”

The free tow and ride home will take you home or to a hotel, said Donati.

“We will not be towing you to another drinking establishment or another party,” she added. “Tipsy Tow is not a party bus.”

The service does not require AAA membership and is not meant to be used as road side assistance. However, if you are a AAA member and do need a road side assistance service, then your call will be strictly for that, not a free ride home.

To call for a ride, dial (800) AAA- HELP or (800) 222-4357.