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Getting a flu shot can protect others as well as yourself

PHOENIX — A flu shot can help you protect the ones you love.

That’s what members of the Valley’s health community are telling their patients.

“The main reason we recommend flu vaccines is to create a herd immunity, like a herd of buffaloes,” Phoenix physician’s assistant Adam Schwartz said.

Getting your flu shot will help you to protect your “herd,” so to speak.

Schwartz said if your immune system is good you could still get the flu and it might leave you feeling sick for a few days to a week.

“If I get my flu vaccine, the more likely that when I’m around (people with weakened immune systems), they won’t have the major complications that we see every year, which is death, secondary pneumonia, and hospitalizations,” Schwartz said. “They’re protected.”

Be considerate of other people and get your flu shot.