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Police warn against Christmas burglars

PHOENIX — Christmas is a busy season for burglars.

Thieves are well aware that nearly every home has presents under the tree. Those packages likely filed with easy-to-sell, brand-new valuables such as small electronics, computers and jewelry.

“We know that a lot of families will be at their friend’s houses, they go to parties, a lot of people go out of town,” said Glendale police officer Tracey Breeden. “We want people to follow the tips we give them, so nobody gets in their house except for Santa Claus.”

Breeden advised homeowners to not hide the front door key under the mat, don’t have the Christmas tree and presents visible from the street and, best of all, don’t leave the boxes from your new big screen or computer on the street.

“Those are just a little extra precaution you can take to help keep thieves out of your home,” Breeden said.