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Bartender offers hangover tips ahead of holiday parties

PHOENIX — ‘Tis the season for carols, holiday parties and people drinking way too much.

Every bartender has their own recipe to help stop a hangover — or at least ramp down the effect — of a few too many drinks. Marie Myers with Aunt Chilada’s in Phoenix said stopping a hangover starts before you sip the first drink.

“Start with a good base before you start drinking,” she said. “Eat a good fat food like a burger or chicken wings. The alcohol can then be absorbed into the food and not go directly into your bloodstream.”

Myers recommends drinking a glass of water alongside each alcoholic beverage.

“Don’t order another drink until you’ve finished both. The water helps stop dehydration and that’s one of the biggest reasons people get hangovers.”

And have aspirin next to the bed, but not for the morning after. Take them before you go to sleep.

Myers said drinking a little ginger ale will help ease your stomach the next morning.